Extreme Air Jumper

Extreme Air JumperNo plane ticket?  No problem.  Make sure your seats and tray tables are in the full and upright position, it’s time to take flight on the Best Air Jumper on the Market.  The award winning mobile Extreme Air allows participants the rush of soaring 25 feet in the air. Channel your inner Blue Angels™ through performing backflips, tricks and stunts. Stretch out your arms and legs, smell the air and touch the sky – feels like freedom! See for yourself why the amazing honor of “Best New Product” two years running was bestowed upon this powerhouse in the jumping industry.

The mobile Extreme Air is the only jumper product on the market that uses patented fiberglass pole technology (Flex Pole Technology), allowing operation of the equipment without cumbersome turn buckles and bungee cords. The dynamic fiberglass pole technology supports a wide range of weights, eliminating the mounds of harness sizes and complex bungee-to-weight ratios needed in order to operate other jumper devices.

The patented mobile Extreme Air is engineered, designed and built in the United States, and all Extreme Engineering patented Extreme Airs meet or exceed industry standards.

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